Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Derailed" Short & "Bystander" PSA (for UCs)

Hi, there! Been meaning to push this update, haha. Two things today.

One, a small project I recently acted in. It was for a student short titled "Derailed" and I played the boyfriend who may be a killer. It's been a while since I got to seriously get into a role, so this was fun (My part appears ~0:23-1:26):

A fun fact is that the restaurant was a room at Frantone's that was at most half the size of what it appears to be in the scene. Movie magic.

Two, a PSA for UCs. This one, I did the acting in January, but the video was posted a little over a month ago. In this, I was an Asian student who is a victim to racism:

My "inner voice" could've been a lot better (in both acting/recording quality), but still cool to see my victimized self plastered across UCs, haha. Also, this was the one and only time (so far) that I got make-up put on my face, so that was interesting.

On a side note, a fun continuity error happens between the very first frontal shot of me and the rest of the scene: My sleeves are pulled up in the very beginning, then magically pulled down the rest.

That's it for now.. Until next time!

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