Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First Post, First AlterChasm Video "Magic Eraser"

The first post on my new website!
It took a bit of thinking and researching, but I decided to create a new website using Blogger. Default Blogger templates aren't structured for full websites, per se, but it provides enough structure and customizability for someone like me to create a website. This is obviously a work in progress, but hopefully, it'll be fleshed out in the coming weeks. It is my hope to make it a central hub for my future projects.

That said, thank you for visiting!

For the first post, I'll post a video I recently finished editing called "Magic Eraser". It's a simple (enough) project that I conceptualized, directed, and acted for. "Alter Chasm" is the name of our Youtube channel. It is my hope to produce videos to this channel with interesting content, whether that be the story, visual element, etc.

Anyways, without further ado, here is "Magic Eraser":

It's in the video, but for easier access, the credits list.

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